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And every time Weiner makes another bid for public recognition, the press dredges up their names yet again.“Every new headline and news story about him reminds reporters and bloggers that we exist, and the cycle starts all over,” former Weiner pen pal Ginger Lee told the Spitzer may have the social positioning and the personal wealth to earn his way back into public office (incidentally, that’s how he acquired his prostitution problem to begin with).But the women left in the wake of these scandals often lack the resources and established public presence to rise above the scandal. (A notable exception is Sanford’s onetime mistress—now his fiancée—who stands to benefit from the continuation of his public service.) Weiner attempted to resolve the problem in a one-sentence statement to the: “I am deeply sorry that my behavior caused so much upheaval in the lives of those who were unwittingly involved.” And then he went back to getting as much positive attention for himself as possible.interviewed "Kristen," nee Ashley Youmans, now Ashley Alexandra Dupre, age 22. As Spitzer re-entered the news cycle this week, so did Ashley Dupré, the then-23-year-old escort who rose to infamy after Spitzer paid to shtup her in his midcalf black socks.The difference is that Spitzer is welcoming the publicity, while Dupré doesn't have a choice.) and falling out with each other, it appeared they were all terrible actors.

Eliot Spitzer is launching a bid to re-enter the political arena this week, five years after his generous contributions to a high-priced prostitution ring knocked him from his perch as governor of New York.

As the notes, Spitzer’s candidacy for New York city comptroller comes at a time when politicians “have shown that public disapproval, especially over sexual misconduct, can be fleeting, and that voters seem receptive to those who seek forgiveness and redemption.” Spitzer made his bid “after consulting with his family and taking the temperature of the city’s ever-candid electorate.” Anthony Weiner previewed his candidacy for New York City mayor this year via a sympatheticfeature on his post-scandal home life with Huma Abedin, complete with domestic shots of Weiner, wife, and baby.

Mark Sanford won a South Carolina congressional seat this spring, four years after he was censured for disappearing from his gubernatorial office to “hike the Appalachian trail” in 2009.

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