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This scene was essentially repeated at mealtimes throughout our tour.

It certainly did in chilly Cappadocia (or “the land of beautiful horses,” according to our tour guide Turgay) in Turkey’s Central Anatolia Region, renowned for its stunning rock formations or “fairy chimneys” that nature and time have carved.

That’s the first of many things that struck me after arriving in Turkey last month to join several Filipino journalists and flour importers on a week-long familiarization tour hosted by the Turkish Flour, Yeast, and Ingredients Promotions Group, or TFYI.

It’s an Ankara-based organization tasked to promote—what else?

This unique United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (Unesco) World Heritage site boasts of several cave churches and chapels that feature frescoes ranging from the simple to the sophisticated, and date back to between the 10th and 12th centuries A. Though many of these have been defaced through the centuries, their beauty remains undiminished.

Blog ini saya buat untuk membantu istri saya, Nyemas Erni Asgun Suwarni, seorang agen asuransi Panin Life dengan kode agen 00021803.

Berdasarkan data keuangan yang belum diaudit per 31 Oktober 2013, Panin Dai-ichi Life telah membayarkan klaim dengan nilai total lebih dari Rp58 miliar.

For first-time visitors, Turkey is a country that offers so much for their senses that they may find it hard to single out any one thing that stood out to them.

Living there might not have been very comfortable for them—despite the living quarters, stables, granaries, wine cellars, shrines, ventilation shafts, and wells they made for themselves—but it surely must have been better than the alternative.

The same could be said, I suppose, of the Christians who once lived in what’s now the Göreme Open-air Museum.

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Efforts in this regard included participating in and holding culinary demonstrations during the annual World Food Expo (Wofex); conducting seminars for Filipino bakers and bakeries; and, of course, sponsoring tours that show Turkey, at least in my mind, as an endlessly fascinating and many-sided bridge, not only between Asia and Europe, but also the past and present. After all, Turkey—specifically its larger Asian side, called Anatolia—is called the “motherland of wheat,” and evidence of the grain harvested long ago in the ruins of the Göbekli Tepe (Potbelly Hill) Neolithic temple in the country’s southeastern region certainly boosts that claim.