Updating an old brick fireplace

Posted by / 15-Oct-2017 09:42

Updating an old brick fireplace

THIS LOOK IS NOT for everyone, but personally, I LOVE the charm and personality and depth/texture/what-have-you it added to this space.

Not dripping wet, but wet enough that if you wanted to squeeze water out, you could easily. **KEY MOVE: After I was fairly happy with the coverage I had on the wall, it still looked a bit contrived.

We had never used this kind of product before, and I gotta say, it’s great stuff.

It’s REAL brick, so no phony looking brick wallpaper, or tile product that looks like brick but doesn’t feel like it.

For instance, in our family room, I used a basic DIY whitewash brick technique, which gave us this look…

But for this project, I wanted to be able to see more of the brick because it’s pretty brick, and I didn’t want that completely covered or lost, as it would have been with the whitewash technique used in our family room.

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Now dip your sponge in the mortar and put enough mortar on the sponge that one corner is covered. I found what REALLY helped to unify the look was using my stiff bristle brush at the end of the process.