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Teendatingabuse com

Despite such high statistics, many researchers, parents, teachers and activists report that dating violence is often a silent crime that goes undetected and underreported."I think at least part of the answer to this communication dilemma can be answered by parents in the form of improved education," Cook wrote.Many of us think of physical violence when we think of abuse when in fact, there’s a much more common and equally dangerous threat to your child, emotional abuse, says author Amy Feliner Dominy.According to Safe Youth.com, 96 percent of teens say they’ve been emotionally or psychologically abused by a dating partner.February 3 marks "National Talk About it Day" teaching and encouraging parents, teachers, and other adults to talk with teens about dating violence.Guests: Sarah Gordon works as the Assistant Director of Prevention Services within the Young Adult Abuse Prevention Program at Family Crisis Services.According to Futurity, about 1,062 teenagers between the ages of 14 to 19 were asked about their experience with relationship abuse, cyberabuse, sexual behavior and if they sought care for their sexual and reproductive health.While four school-based health centers did not implement any new procedures, at the other four centers the staff was taught how to speak about relationships and was given relationship abuse brochures to distribute to the youth.

February is National Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. And yet only 19% of parents believe teen dating violence is an issue.

Here are six signs to look for: If you suspect your child might be in an unhealthy relationship, Dominy says to approach the discussion from a place of curiosity rather than blame; focus on your teen and not the abuser; and ask questions like, "How is your relationship going?

" To get help for your teen or for more information, visit Thats Not and

Every one out of three youth in America are victims of physical, sexual, emotional, or verbal abuse from a dating partner. It’s the emotional and verbal kind that are harder to spot.

The goal is to identify red flags in the beginning stages of the relationship.

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After three months, the teenagers were asked the same questions again, and researchers found that at the centers with more intervention the teenagers were more likely to recognize sexual coercion, and reports of relationship abuse decreased.

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