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All verifications of products or services provided are the responsibility of our readers. “Behind Our Eyes, a Second Look” is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other booksellers, and in E-book format on Amazon Kindle. Several members of our group meet by moderated teleconference twice monthly to hear speakers; share work for critique; or receive tips on accessibility, publication, and suggested areas of interest.

It is also available in recorded format from the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. Our mailing list is a low-traffic congenial place to share work in progress; learn about submission requests; and to ask and answer writing questions.

Thanks to Abbie Johnson Taylor and her committee members: Marilyn Brandt Smith, Lillian Way, Valerie Moreno, and Cleora Boyd for all of your hard work.

The determination of guidelines and the selection of winners required a great deal of time and consideration.

Biographies may be up to 100 words in length, and should be written in third-person.The In 1970, over the Thanksgiving holiday, Curtis and I became engaged.Curt was the first young man I had dated that understood my need to be independent and make my own choices.We had contests with cash prizes in fiction, nonfiction and poetry.Below are the winners of the Bobbi La Chance Bubier Romance Contest and the Congratulations to the winning authors.

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