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Scholars' estimates of the total population of the Americas before European contact vary enormously, from a low of 10 million to a high of 112 million.The European colonization of the Americas forever changed the lives, bloodlines, and cultures of the peoples of the continent.One result of these waves of migration is that large groups of peoples with similar languages and perhaps physical characteristics as well, moved into various geographic areas of North, and then Central and South America.While these peoples have traditionally remained primarily loyal to their individual tribes, ethnologists have variously sought to group the myriad of tribes into larger entities which reflect common geographic origins, linguistic similarities, and lifestyles.

Results of the survey revealed that over 20 per cent of women are most attracted to men with British accents - with just over 18 per cent voting for guys with a Scottish accents.

According to a recent study done by travel dating website, Miss, American women find British and Scottish accents the sexiest for men.

Meanwhile, men prefer to fawn over Israeli and Colombian accents in women.

However, as far as men are concerned, the feeling is not mutual.

Instead, the majority of men in the US think that an Israeli accent in women is hottest - 19 per cent to be precise - while a Colombian accent is a very close second with 18 per cent of the vote.

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Brandon Wade, CEO and founder of Miss, shared the reason why accents have an effect on us.'Accents have a tendency of taking our minds to unknown, and exotic places, adding a touch of mystery and intrigue to the speaker.'As Americans we often associate British accents with intelligence and class, both desirable qualities for a mate.

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