My dad is dating after my mom died

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My dad is dating after my mom died

But the best gift dad has taught us, is about Jesus.

I love my dad very much and wouldn't trade him for the world.

For his unselfishness, kindness, friendship, love and his relationship with Jesus, his Savior, I nominate my father for the CBN Father's Day contest. Growing up, I thought he was strict, but I always respected his knowledge of God's word.

I think that even though I made mistakes, I could have done so much worse, if it hadn't been for the fear of the Lord, that my daddy instilled into me and my brothers and sister.

He is a Pastor now and has a small church in Naples, Florida.

He ministers unconditionally to anyone who needs Jesus.

He has also met Jesus in the last 15 years, and, along with my mom, brought all of us into the Kingdom.

He is just as the Bible says, "Me and my children shall serve the Lord." All of his grandchildren serve God also.

My dad has been deceased for almost 15 years but I can still hear his voice. This note is a tribute to him, on his 57th birthday. Wherever he was, I was never far behind - daddy's little girl to the core. On nice afternoons, we'd sit out in the back yard and sing old Johnny Cash songs together. You guide me every step of the way, and I know that I've made you proud.In today's world, so many children have a misconception of God because of the way their earthly father acts.I am so blessed to be an exception to this seemingly new norm.My dad is the greatest because he loves unconditionally.My sister and I grew up in a divorced home, but others would not have known.

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My child struggled with suicidal thoughts, low self esteem, and even felt God hated him.

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