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Deploying high qualilty networks requires a consistent investment of resources, both human and capital, to ensure that critical data delivery is both rapid and failsafe.

Over the past year, Velocita Wireless and now Sky Tel have embarked on a multi-million dollar upgrade campaign.

Mobitex is offered on over 30 networks on five continents.

In Canada it was first introduced in 1990 by Rogers Cantel, and in 1991 by carrier RAM Mobile Data.

MOBITEX is still in use in countries such as Hong Kong. MOBITEX-1200 was the first MOBITEX standard and is similar to MOBITEX-8000 above the ROSI link-layer.

Sweden closed down the service since 2012 step by step.

Subscriber services included electronic messaging with Cc capabilities to multiple recipients, combined with the ability to log on to any wireless or fixed terminal and receive stored mailbox messages.

With millions of users operating on 32 Mobitex networks in 23 countries, Mobitex technology continues to deliver robust, highly reliable global M2M solutions.

Recent projects in China, South Korea and India underscore its ongoing credibility as an industrial grade network for narrowband data applications.

During the crisis of 9/11, our network was still up and running in spite of a 60% traffic spike.

Our extensive coverage includes licensed spectrum in all 50 states and Puerto Rico with compatibility with the Mobitex networks in Canada, Mexico and Venezuela.


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