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I accepted it, and about a month later he came in with an item that he said went with it. I took this piece home and put in on, what I found out, was actually a vacuum cleaner, made in Warsaw, Indiana. What it's worth, I don't know, but I do know that when you have a chance to help someone out you never know how God will repay you. von der Lancken asked Grandpa to sit for a portrait that he titled, "The Hunter." Grandpa was a rabbit hunter and had a "string" of Beagles. The only thing I wanted out of that house was his journal.

I contacted the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce, and they wrote back and informed me that the company that made the vacuum went out of business in the late 1890s. — Harry Greensboro, PA Posted 2.13.2012 My grandfather lived next door to a well-known artist in Tulsa, OK — Mr. The artist painted Gramps's hunting jacket with a pocket hanging open, and the plan was to have a rabbit hanging out of the pocket. I went upstairs from the outside and the door was open.

It was in good condition — not a spot of rust on it anywhere — and the only real problem was that the two front wheels were missing.

Other than that, though, I was pleasantly surprised to see there were absolutely no dings or dents in it at all.

Posted 3.12.2012 In the early 1970s, my husband was a doctor in the Indian Health Service, a branch of the U. Public Health Service, stationed on the Navaho reservation in New Mexico.

We became friendly with Larry, an Acoma Indian who was an x-ray technician at the hospital.

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He said that if I would give him a couple of dollars worth of gas (at that time gas was 39 cents a gallon), he would give me a hand corn planter.

I knew he needed the gas, so I filled his tank up, and a few days later he brought me an item that looked like a corn planter, but it only had one handle. They showed a hand-operated vacuum cleaner and said, "This cleaner is the only one of its kind that is know to still exist." Guess what, my sweeper is identical to the one that they showed. When I returned to my home in Mexico and opened the door, everything I owned was gone.

However, my Grandfather and the artist never got together when Grampa had shot a rabbit, therefore the painting is still missing the rabbit. — Marianne Tacoma, WA Posted 2.6.2012 My grandfather was an inventor who held the most patents next to Edison. You won't believe what was sitting on the window ledge ― my grandfather's journal.

My mother gave me his original journal many years ago. My grandpa started it in the early 1900s, and it has drawings and pictures of his inventions, his laboratory, and even a blueprint. The rats had tasted it but didn't do too much damage. I sat and read that journal, page by page, and it is fascinating. —Djinnee West Palm Beach, Florida Posted 1.30.2012 When my father was a student in history, he studied for a year in Paris.

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She made a beeline for me, proffering a large Acoma vase with a traditional white, ochre and black design, which she insisted I accept. 1.2.2012 | Indestructible Collectibles | An Accidental Collection | For Love of the Frame 12.5.11 | Patience Pays Off | Cat and Mouse Game | Seeing Antiques in a Whole New Way | History Locked in a Locket 11.7.11 | Moving Antiques | Hidden Treasure | Good Will | The "Original" House that Jack Built?

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