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Fuck buddy site no credit cards needed absolutely free

Doctor Joan Miller, the talented Miami Beach surgeon, was to learn that for each irretrievable action taken, there could be unforeseen consequences that might not have been apparent before her poorly thought out plan was undertaken.

After meeting Aaron Clarke, in his Robert Morgan identity, she began to do custom surgery on ECSO's unwilling slaves.

Doctor Joan Miller acts upon her burgeoning interest in Ponygirls after she performs modification surgeries on four of Aaron Clarke's slaves.

While she thought she understood the world of B&D and slavery from her attendance at the Miami B&D club where she doubled as the club's physician, and from her few dealings with the ECSO, she had far to go.

Anna, now blinded to her location by the blinders, felt her adjusting the four leads behind her before her release from the Grooming pole. " Anna lightly pranced out of her cell and moved gracefully down a hallway to a huge indoor riding arena.

She knew their destination; it was a two-pony, racing sulky drawn by two sets of drawbars.

Anna, now known simply as 'One' stood meekly as her body was toweled dry with vigorous rubbing of her skin.

The Groom used a powder puff ball to apply scented powder to her armpits, breasts, and chest before bringing a black whale-bone corset to her belly. " Paula Laturno, the Ponygirl Ranch's Head Groom laughed at 'One's' easy arousal and moved behind her to raise a bare foot off the floor, exactly as a horse's hooves are moved for cleaning and in preparation for shoeing.

The corset cupped a portion of the underside of each breast meat, lifting them up and providing support without covering her areole or brown nipples that were crowned with golden nipple rings. With 'One's' feet ready, the Groom delivered a stinging slap to her ass cheek and praised her with, "Good, slut, Ponygirl." A damp cloth was vigorously rubbed across her face and she opened her mouth wide at the brusque command, "Open." Anna, sighed inwardly, she knew the drill.Joan Miller set into process events that would lead to her meeting the four pussysluts that she had controlled during their surgical modifications.When they met once again, the four slaves have proceeded well on their way to becoming fully trained Ponygirls.As my draft approached seven hundred pages, I realized that the single story I envisioned starting with was too long and too complicated to remain a single story.Then, to my further horror, I realized that A Caribbean Adventure was actually number two in the East Coast Slavers Organization Series.

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