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As famed rock thespian Tommy Lee might say, the entire show just feels like it's "sauteed in wrong sauce." How can something so wrong feel so right? Although the Peanut is just shy of her 2nd birthday, we've recently introduced the concept of potty training by buying her a book titled "Too Big For Diapers," (starring Ernie of the ambiguosly gay duo Bert & Ernie.) Since the Peanut adores Ernie, she's become obsessed with the book.

Now, she likes to run up to me and whisper in my ear, "poo poo in the potty." She knows it cracks me up so every time she says it, the two of us laugh hilariously. Since I'm still doing Atkins and have eschewed carbs, I no longer indulge in Oreos. More than once, I have found myself standing by the refrigerator shooting whipped cream directly into my mouth. Is anyone else besides me a little TOO excited about the fact that has a new graphic user interface?

So we've decided that we're just going to save some money and have someone professionally renovate our kitchen.

We didn’t see any gar crash the surface, but there was a lot of fish on the meter.

All of a sudden, Raul Martinez hooked up with the very first barracuda of the evening on the jig.

That got the blood pumping for many anglers as a lot of them started throwing jigs.

Yet, somehow, I have it in my head that I can singlehandledly do it by myself with some help from my friends at Ikea.

Thankfully, my lovely wife reminded me not only about the lightbulb incident but also about the time where I was convinced I could repaint our old apartment by myself and we ended up sleeping on the floor for two months.

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