Dating firearms by seral number

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In addition, ATF has received numerous requests from Federal firearms licensees about special characters.

A legibly marked firearm may also include, but may not be comprised solely of, special characters provided that a variance is requested and approved.

What about the letter ‘I’ which was used in both 1976 and 88?

Here’s how to determine which year your ‘I’ belong to.

The first letter is the month, the second letter is the year.

Remington used a code that spelled out BLACKPOWDERX for the month code with B being January and X being December. Remington simply used the alphabet for the year code and when they got to the end they simply started over, well sort of.

Prior to 1977 serial numbers did not have a letter prefix.

In 1977 the letter A was used as a prefix to the serial number.

A serial number must consist of an actual number or series of numbers.ATF has received many questions regarding whether a manufacturer may identify a firearm with an individual’s name.This may be done provided it is also marked with a number(s) adjacent to the name (e.g., “adamsgun1234”).The markings required to be placed on firearms and the records maintained by FFLs are critical in tracing firearms that are used in crimes.Symbols, numbers, and/or letters found in firearms serial numbers often identify model designations and date of manufacture and may include other coded manufacturer data that can be very important to a successful crime-gun trace.

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Two regulations implementing, respectively, the GCA and the National Firearms Act (NFA), 27 CFR § 478.92 and § 479.102, specify the marking requirements for licensed manufacturers and importers relative to firearms and armor piercing ammunition, and for makers of NFA firearms.

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