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Calendar hijriyah 1435 online dating

To pinpoint the date and weekday of First of Muharram of the First Hijri year, the last day of Zul-Hijjah was evaluated for the previous year, year before the start of the First Hijri year by considering the conjunction method in Julian calendar.It is the perfect tool to address past and future date computation.But before these tools are put into action a few facts need to be pinpointed for each rule.Both of these calendars were accepted as the official yearly and comparative calendars of Saudi Arabia respectively.

The most accepted weekday and date for First of Muharram of First Hijri, was obtained by comparing the dates from Julian calendar, which came out to be Thursday July 15, 622 AD.

Beim islamischen Kalender handelt es sich um ein Mondkalender mit 12 Monaten und ist daher je nach Mondphase, 10 oder 11 Tage kürzer als der gregorianische Sonnenkalender.

Er wandert somit im Zeitraum von 32,5 Jahren einmal rückwärts vollständig durch den gregorianischen Kalender.

In other words, conjunction is the indication of the ending of the current lunar month on the day of its occurrence and the next day is the first day of the next lunar month.

Methods to compute conjunction are well established in Astronomy and are widely used in our daily activities such as land, maritime, aviation and space navi- gation systems to mention a few.

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