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Absolut power dating

Luther begins to taunt Chief of Staff Russell, first by sending her a photograph of the letter opener, then tricking her into wearing a diamond necklace during a public event at the White House; the same necklace Christy had worn the night she was killed.

Correctly suspecting that Kate knows the truth, President Richmond decides she must be killed. He arrives at her jogging area just moments after Collin has used his SUV to push her and her car off a cliff.

They both miss and Luther escapes through the police cordon because he came prepared, wearing the uniform of a police officer beneath his coat.

Luther later explains to Kate exactly how Christy was killed and by whom.

During the course of a burglary, master jewel thief Luther Whitney (Clint Eastwood) is forced to hide upon the unexpected arrival of Christy Sullivan (Melora Hardin), the beautiful young wife of elderly billionaire Walter Sullivan (E. Marshall), during her drunken rendezvous with Alan Richmond (Gene Hackman), the President of the United States.

Walter Sullivan is Richmond's friend and financial supporter and the owner of the mansion Luther has broken into.

He worked on several drafts through 1995, which he later described in his memoir Which Lie Did I Tell? When Eastwood first heard about turning the book into a film, he liked the characters and the basic plot, but disliked the fact that most of those he considered the interesting characters were killed off.

William Goldman was hired to write the screenplay in late 1994.

He incapacitates Walter's chauffeur and replaces him, telling Walter what happened on the night his wife was killed.

Walter is unconvinced until Luther explains how Richmond lied in his speech by citing Christy's excuse for staying home, which he could only have learned from her.

Someone also tips off Walter, who hires a hitman (Richard Jenkins) to kill Luther.

The two snipers, each unaware of the other, try to shoot Luther when he arrives at an outdoor cafe to meet his daughter.

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Collin pleads for mercy, but Luther says he's "fresh out," and delivers a fatal dose.